Earthy Moody Lightroom Presets Free Download

Earthy Moody Lightroom Presets is a set of 11 presets that will give your photos a moody, earthy feel. These preset work best for green and overcast days. The presets have been created with a dark, moody look. Download our free lightroom preset collection to give your photos that earthy, moody look. This set of 7 presets will improve colors, exposure, shadows, and highlights.

Free Earthy Moody Lightroom Presets

This free Lightroom presets give you a moody, earthy look that is perfect for portraits. These free presets work great with any type of photo from the outside to the inside.

Lightroom presets can be used to easily and quickly apply the desired look to a photo. Presets are the best way to save time on editing and post-processing, as they can be applied with just one click.

Premium Lightroom Presets

We offer high-quality Lightroom presets for free download. These presets will help you achieve an earthy and moody look in your photos with just one click of your mouse.

An Earthy Moody Lightroom Presets Free Download is a great way to give your photos an earthy and moody look. These presets are great for any type of photography, from portraits to travel photography.

Some of the features of these presets are:

– Rich HDR effects

– Natural film effects

– An overall moody tone

How to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets:

One of the things that people notice about photography is that it is always best to match the look of your photo with the content. This is why you see photographers use different presets to make their photos look earthy and moody.

We have gathered some of the best free Lightroom presets for you on this list. You can download these on your computer or mobile device and use them as often as you like!

  • Download the zip file on your mobile.
  • Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile
  • Import any one photo in your living room
  • Open the photo and tap on the presets tab.
  • Click on the three dot menu on the top right and select the Import Presets option.
  • The File Manager opens, select the Lightroom Presets zip file.

How To Use Presets on Adobe Cameraraw:


  • Unzip your file.
  • Place your .xmp (adobe camera raw) files Open the explorer and find the path:
    (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder


  • Open the Finder and find the path: (user)/Library/Application
    Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder

Earthy Moody Lightroom Presets Free Download

Moody and dark tones create a deeper, more intimate atmosphere. These presets are perfect for wedding photographers who want to get that deep and moody feel in their photos.

These presets are available in various moody and earthy tones. They can be used for landscape, food, still, life, portrait photography to give the pictures a natural feel.

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