Island Blue Lightroom Presets Free Download

Download free Island Blue Lightroom Presets for your Beach photography. Beach Lightroom Presets Pack is a set of ten presets that will give your images the look and feel of an island paradise, whether you’re shooting on the beach, by the pool, or under palm trees. Island Blue is a collection of free Lightroom presets to give your photos an instant tropical or beach feel.

Made from the blue skies and white sands of an island escape, these preset will make your photos pop with light and texture. These presets are perfect to beautify your travel photos, or just to add some summer vibes to your everyday life.

Free island Lightroom Presets

Island Blue Lightroom Presets will make your photos of the beach, of the ocean, of the waves crashing on the shore, of palm trees swaying in a warm breeze, and of lighthouses looming over rocky coves come alive.

Presets Features: Make your photos look like they were taken on an island with these presets for Lightroom. Choose from a blend of vibrant color palettes, serene landscapes, and fresh beach scenes.

  • One-click presets that come with 4 different color schemes to help you adjust your mood and style.
  • These presets are perfect for both portraits and landscapes.
  • Give your photos that refreshing, tropical feel with these lightroom presets!
  • perfect mood with these stunning presets.
  • Whether you’re seeking a natural, clean vibe or beachy, sun kissed look, these presets offer endless variations to help you achieve your desired goal.
  • With just one click, you can change the mood of your photo without having to spend countless hours editing.

Presets are the absolute best way to create beautiful images in minutes. We have presets for all your favorite locations – tropical, city, beach, mountain… you name it!

How to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets:

  • Download the zip file on your mobile.
  • Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile
  • Import any one photo in your living room
  • Open the photo and tap on the presets tab.
  • Click on the three dot menu on the top right and select the Import Presets option.
  • The File Manager opens, select the Lightroom Presets zip file.

How To Use Presets on Adobe Cameraraw:


  • Unzip your file.
  • Place your .xmp (adobe camera raw) files Open the explorer and find the path:
    (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder


  • Open the Finder and find the path: (user)/Library/Application
    Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder

These presets are specifically designed for night photography. They are easy to edit and work with any type of photo including portraits, landscape, or street photography photos.

Island Blue Lightroom Presets Free Download

The Presets for Island Blue is all about the warm, sunny, tropical vibes. The presets are perfect for images of your favorite beach or island getaway to help you create that serene and peaceful mood. These presets are made to make your photos look like they were taken on the beach, at the beach, or at sunset.

Click on the download button above to download these presets for free. Visit our website daily for more free presets and graphic designing assets.