Rich Black Lightroom Presets Free Download

Rich Black Lightroom Presets is a collection of ten premium presets that will give your photos a rich black look. The presets are designed to be used in Lightroom and they’re compatible with both Mac and PC. They were designed by professional photographers who know what it takes to capture the perfect black and white photo. luxury black lightroom presets are available for download so you can use them in your own photography.

These Presets are not just for black and white photography, they can also be used to give photos an overall dark tone or be applied individually for specific areas of the photo, such as shadows or highlights. Ten presets perfect for black and white photography.

rich black Lightroom preset free download
rich black Lightroom preset free download

These presets will help you quickly edit your black and white images with a rich black tone. The 10 presets are available as a free download. The 10 rich black Lightroom preset download will help you to edit your images quickly with a rich dark tone of blacks, perfect for photography projects. You can get these 10 premium Lightroom presets for free from this website today!

The 10 Rich Black Lightroom Presets are designed to help you create beautiful black and moody images that have a classic film feel.

Rich Black Lightroom Presets Features:

  • 10 Rich Black Presets in .XMP
  • Camera Raw and new version of Lightroom desktop & MOBILE Lightroom..
  • Compatible with All Photo formats
  • Works On Lightroom, Lightroom mobile and Camera Raw
  • Compatible with All Lightroom Versions
  • Instructions how to use

Additional Details:

  • File Name: Rich Black Lightroom Presets
  • Type: XMP
  • Size: 1MB
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Uploaded by: gfxbeast

How to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets:

  • Download the zip file on your mobile.
  • Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile
  • Import any one photo in your living room
  • Open the photo and tap on the presets tab.
  • Click on the three dot menu on the top right and select the Import Presets option.
  • The File Manager opens, select the Lightroom Presets zip file.

How To Install Lightroom Presets on Adobe Cameraraw:


  • Unzip your file.
  • Place your .xmp (adobe camera raw) files Open the explorer and find the path:
    (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder


  • Open the Finder and find the path: (user)/Library/Application
    Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder

Luxury black lightroom presets Download

Click on the download button below to download these presets for free. Visit our website daily for more free presets and graphic designing assets.

Enjoy your photo editing with our presets. After editing your photos with these presets, use the #gfxbeast hashtag when sharing your creative shots on social media. We will check them.